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The Gold Plating Company Ltd

The Gold Plating Company Ltd

Lee Foster

Oct 04

This casing was supplied to us in new Chrome to be plated in 24ct Gold.

We removed the Chrome from the new casing and replaced it with Bright Yellow 24ct Gold Plating. We can Gold Plate onto all new motorbike parts that are Chrome Plated.

Oct 04

These Dunhill Lighters are serviced by a customer of ours who brings them to us for 24ct Gold Plating. We also do them in Nickel and sometimes Silver. Once they are polished and Gold Plated they look new again.

Oct 04

This watch was originally stainless steel and was Gold Plated using 18ct Gold. We Gold Plate these watches to a high standard using 18ct Gold as this is harder wearing than 24ct Gold.

Oct 03

We can plate onto already Chrome Plated plastic. We can Gold Plate onto plastic, Silver Plate onto plastic, Rhodium Plate onto plastic. We only plate onto bare non conductive plastics that are golf ball size and are flat or

Oct 03

We are now offering Rhodium Plating as a new service to our customers. This is a beautiful White Gold look that looks really nice on many items especially rings. Rhodium Plating can now be done by our company as a

Oct 02

These items came to us in Chrome. The customer required them to be Rose Gold Plated to match a job we did a while back for him.

The Chrome Plating was removed to reveal the underlying Nickel Plate. They was then activated, Gold Plated in 24ct Gold then Rose Gold Plated.

They are then waxed to remove any marks from drying and wrapped in acid free paper ready for the customer to collect.

Oct 01

This watch has been plated in 24ct Gold

This stainless steel watch has been Gold Plated using 24ct Gold. We had to polish the existing dull finish, clean and Gold Plate in 24ct Gold.
Oct 01

These utensils have been Gold Plated in 24ct Gold

These utensils are stainless steel and have been Gold Plated using 24ct Gold. They was presents for a couple who pick up utensils when they have a karaoke party and pretend to sing.
Oct 01

This light fitting was part of a big order of bathroom items requiring Antique Gold.

We received these fittings in Chrome and had to remove the Chrome, activate the Nickel that is always underneath Chrome and re-plate it with Antique Gold.
Sep 27

18ct Gold Plating on nokia 8800 mobile phone. 5 piece case set.

This mobile phone needed a new set of cases that was supplied to us by the customer. We had to strip the old cases from the phone, which involves a total strip down on this kind of phone.

We had our engraver engrave the rear panel for the customer as this was a present for his wife and he wanted it personalised.

We Gold Plated the full set of cases in 18ct gold which included:

  • Front Screen Surround

  • Front Button Surround

  • Sim Card Holder

  • Sliding Chassis

  • Rear Panel

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