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The Gold Plating Company Ltd

The Gold Plating Company Ltd

Lee Foster

Aug 05

This Aluminium Hearing Aid came to us to be polished and 24ct Gold Plated.

Aug 05

This watch came to us to be stripped, polished & replated in 24ct Gold

Aug 05

Rose Gold Plated Chrome Tap. The Chrome is removed to reveal the underlying Nickel.

We then put a flash of 24ct Gold onto the Nickel after activating. 

Then the Rose Gold is mixed to achieve the required shade and plated on top of the 24ct Gold

Jul 29

This was part of a large order of bathroom items we gold plated in antique gold. This is the shower control.

These were sent to us in brand new chrome. We stripped off the chrome to reveal the underlying nickel, activated and gold plated them with antique gold.
Jul 29

These reflectors where part of a set of 5 needing polishing and silver plating

These reflectors where made by a gentleman who then sent them on to us to be silver plated on the insides. They was being used on a locomotive train that was being renovated.

They were being made for the reflectors inside what the conductors used to use in the good old days.
Jul 29

This tap was part of a large order of bathroom items we Gold Plated

We had to strip this tap down, strip the Chrome Plating off it all, activate and then Gold Plated it before re-assembling the tap.
Jul 29

We made this trophy for Pro-cycling who are sponsors for Cadel Evans

We had to make this trophy from nothing for Pro-cycling. They wanted to present Cadel Evans who cycles in the tour-de-France race. It was presented to him for the rider of the year 2007.

We bought an aluminium cog from our local bike shop, removed the anodising, mirror polished the aluminium and gold plated it in 24ct gold.

We then made a mount to put it onto a plinth to hold it in place and supplied an engraved plaque with the Pro-cycling logo and supplied writing needed.
Jul 29

This item was sent to us to be gold plated in 24ct gold. We supplied the plinth shown and supplied the engraved plaque

This item was steel and needed to be mirror polished prior to being 24ct gold plated
We needed to send it all assembled
Jul 29

This is a trim set from a mini cooper we gold plated for a customer who was selling the car in a showroom

This kit was purchased by the customer to replace all the plastic kit on the car. The exterior of the car was gold plated and the internal trim was replaced with a chrome kit and sent to us to be gold plated.

Unfortunately we never got to see the car once all the trim was put on and therefore only have this picture.
Jul 29

These handles are zinc and needed to be stripped polished and gold plated in gold to match sample

We was able to plate these zinc handles using a nickel process prior to being plated

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